Nikolaos Arvanitidis, Economic Geologist (PhD, Stockholm University) at the Greek Institute of Geology and Mineral Exploration (IGME). During 1995-2005 was Head of the Thessaloniki IGME Department. Over 30 years experience in mineral exploration and development of innovative and environmentally friendly technologies to provide high – added value products achieve and achieve new industrial applications. Involved in projects on sustainable management and use of mineral resources, including waste minimization and / or re – use issues. More than 25 years co-ordination of R and D projects linked to European Framework Programs and international co-operation research. He got involved for IGME on more than 18 EU R & D projects since 1984, as coordinator and participant (e.g.GR-OLIV, QUARTZ, EUROTHEN, OSNET, METROMED, NORISC, NUPULSE, NEMISREF, URAMIS, BIOMINE, SARMA, GS SOIL, PROMINE).More than 10 years active evaluator of proposals addressing GMES / SPACE calls. National delegate and member of Mineral Resources Expert Group at EuroGeoSurveys. Member of the ad-hoc Working Group, a sub-group of the Raw Materials Supply Group chaired by the European Commission, for improving the framework conditions for extracting minerals for the EU